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We are an elite recruitment agency specialising in identifying and legalising the best customised solutions for your needs.

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Welcome, you have come to the right place!

! We know there’s only so much you can do on your own. And we also know that there are good people out there who are the right fit for you, and our job is to be your matchmaker.

What can we do for you?

If you’re a business in need of specialist staff, we’re here to take the worry out of finding you the right people for the job.

If you are a dedicated professional in search of a job that matches your skills and aspirations, we are your guide to the perfect career opportunity.
At both an organisational and an individual level, we provide you with tailored recruitment advice, transparency, and effective communication.


Our 16+ years of experience in the recruitment of professionals. We decided to respond to our partners’ requests to focus on the general sector, not just IT, by branching out from our original brand, AMS Accelerate IT, and creating TalenXcelerate. 

We understand that every match is unique

and that every step must be taken with care and professionalism. We are here to guide you in your search for real matches, as ambassadors and allies in an optimal recruitment process.

We offer clarity and confidence

through facts that speak for themselves, cutting through the noise of the current Romanian job market and the uncertainties of the recruitment process.

Speed and responsiveness are values we apply to everything we do,

because we understand the importance of moving forward quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Transparent communication and a constant feedback loop are at the heart of our partnership.

We share the good news and the challenges with you because we believe this is the way to effective and sustainable collaboration.

We offer a consistent, mutually beneficial value proposition

and partner with people of equal integrity to earn our title as the most successful recruitment agency in Romania.

Our results speak for themselves.

They're based on the experience gained by our original brand, AMS Accelerate IT, over the last 16 years, the expertise of our team and the satisfaction of our clients.

Do you feel that you can, want, know, and deserve more?

Are you a dedicated professional with a solid career behind you, with real skills and experience you are proud of, but the place you are in right now is not satisfying? Have you met toxic or less-than-ideal environments and know exactly where you don’t want to end up? Do you want a job that really matches your skills and aspirations, a team where you are treated fairly and feel respected, valued, and rewarded as you know you deserve? We know for a fact that your perfect job is out there, and we won’t settle for anything less.
We move fast
We move fast because we understand that you can’t wait too long for the right job.
Your professional future
Our pragmatic approach gives you clarity in the recruitment process.
Ensuring a perfect match
We believe that the right people are the ones that fit in your story. That’s why we focus on identifying the best opportunities for you and ensuring a perfect match between your skills and the requirements of the jobs available.
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