We are an elite recruitment agency,

specialising in identifying and legalising the best customised solutions for your needs. The trust of our clients and partners has led us to create this brand-new general recruitment solution based on the 16+ years of experience gained through our first brand, specializing in one of the most challenging sectors in the business world, the IT sector – AMS Accelerate IT. Acknowledging your distinct needs, we craft each customised recruitment process uniquely & create tailor-made decisions.

But what does this mean, beyond the words that everyone seems to be bragging about? It means that we think individually about the recruitment process you are going through and the progress you want to make, giving you the assurance that we will stay close and respond honestly, realistically, and knowledgeably to your needs, stated or otherwise.

We areguided by strong principles such as promptness, transparency, honest & effective communication, always with a focus on quality and added value.

We are more than consultants & more than just a recruitment agency – we are your partners in your quest for success and professional fulfilment. Our passion and commitment is to help create a professional environment where good people are matched with the stellar opportunities they deserve.

What can we do for you?


If you’re a business in need of specialist staff, we’re here to take the worry out of finding you the right people for the job.

We identify and fill your vacancies with the people who can deliver the best results, using our extensive experience of bespoke recruitment in the most challenging sectors of the employment market. This includes matching your values and culture.

If you are a dedicated professional in search of a job that matches your skills and aspirations, we are your guide to the perfect career opportunity.

We’re fast and agile. We identify the right jobs for you and support you through every step of the customised recruitment process.


At both an organisational and an individual level, we provide you with tailored recruitment advice, transparency, and effective communication.

We share both the good news and the challenges to build a true partnership based on trust and effective collaboration. With passion and dedication, we focus on finding the best possible fit to ensure your success in a dynamic, volatile and ever-changing employment market.

We are your ideal partner in this journey

Our 16+ years of experience in the recruitment of professionals. We decided to respond to our partners’ requests to focus on the general sector, not just IT, by branching out from our original brand, AMS Accelerate IT, and creating TalenXcelerate. 

Even though this is a brand-new approach, the experience we have gained in one of the most challenging parts of the job market, speak louder than words. TalenXcelerate is your ideal partner in this journey of continuous progress, no matter what field you work in.

We understand that every match is unique

and that every step must be taken with care and professionalism. We are here to guide you in your search for real matches, as ambassadors and allies in an optimal recruitment process.

We offer clarity and confidence

through facts that speak for themselves, cutting through the noise of the current Romanian job market and the uncertainties of the recruitment process.

Speed and responsiveness are values we apply to everything we do,

because we understand the importance of moving forward quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Transparent communication and a constant feedback loop are at the heart of our partnership.

We share the good news and the challenges with you because we believe this is the way to effective and sustainable collaboration. Only through mutual trust and open dialogue can we make the recruitment process a long-term success.

We only work with the best talent, starting with candidate selection.

We seek to understand the purpose and motivation behind each candidate and each project before bringing them together. This enables us to create the perfect match, where your values and vision are perfectly aligned.

For us, recruitment isn't about volume, it's about quality and value.

We offer pragmatic and personalised advice to ensure that every step of the recruitment process is aligned with your needs and those of your organisation. And if these aren't clear to you either, we'll help you to understand them better before we get down to work. This is what customised recruitment really means.

We offer a consistent, mutually beneficial value proposition

and partner with people of equal integrity to earn our title as the most successful recruitment agency in Romania.

We are more than consultants - we are your partners

in sustainable recruitment and retention. And when the going gets tough, we'll stick with you and face the challenges together, based on the expertise we've built up so far.

Our results speak for themselves.

They're based on the experience gained by our original brand, AMS Accelerate IT, over the last 16 years, the expertise of our team and the satisfaction of our clients.

We offer you a quality guarantee.

We don't declare ourselves satisfied until our mission is complete. If, in the first few months after the contract has been signed, it turns out that the match was not optimal, we will still help you find the right candidate or the right job at no extra cost.

Discover with us the future you deserve! The road to success starts here and now and we are ready to accompany you on this extraordinary journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perseverance, determination, transparency, care for the client's requirements, curiosity to constantly understand their needs as best we can and how we can solve them, the desire to take TalenXcelerate where we have taken AMS Accelerate IT in the tech industry. For us, recruitment is not about volume, it's about quality and added value, about the right person in the right place, loyalty and customised recruitment focused on real needs and compatibility.

Our recruitment team is dedicated to finding matches that add value for both parties, based on expectations, vision and compatibility, well beyond the job description. Through pragmatic guidance and constant communication with you, we understand your culture and values to find you the candidates or the job that perfectly matches your profile and objectives.
We are more than consultants, more than an established recruitment firm or agency - we are your partner at every stage of the customised recruitment process. We stay with you after the hire to support you and make sure you feel fulfilled with your new team.
Nothing easier, all you need to do is get in touch with us using the contact form or give us a call on one of the numbers listed. One of our consultants will be happy to discuss your specific needs and draw up a realistic plan without any obligation on your part.